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get $30 hand wax with any of our car wash

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Buy gift vouchers for any occasions

Splash SUPER WASH (Exterior wash)

Small: $28 Medium: $31 Large: $35

Spring Water Microfiber Mitt Hand Foam Wash, Including:
  • Removal of road grime, bugs & bird droppings
  • Non caustic pre-soak & 1st-rinse to loosen contaminants
  • High Foam Shampoo & Microfibre Mitt Hand Wash
  • Superior Wheel Clean
  • Under-body Spray Rinse
  • High Pressure Wash & Rinse
  • AutoGlym Autogloss Rinse (for that extra shine)
  • Blow Dry
  • Hand Towel Dry including wheels, door & boot jambs (we use 4 clean salon quality microterry towels per car)

*please note, The Splash “Super Wash” has no hidden extra costs for things like under-body spray, properly cleaning wheels or bug removal. One Price does it ALL!


Small: $44 Medium: $47 Large:$51

Splash Super Wash Plus:
  • Interior Vacuum (all floors, seats & mats)
  • Dash, Console & Steering Column Dusted
  • Tyre Shine
  • You Save $8

Please note: Does not include Boot/Hatch Vacuum or interior of windows (For Boot/Hatch add $4, Windows add $10) Pet Hair removal from $5 extra.

Splash “The Works” MINI DETAIL

Small: $65 Medium: $68 Large: $75

Ute & 2 seat Sports cars only $50.

Splash Super Wash Plus:
  • Interior Vacuum (all floors, seats & mats plus boot)
  • Dash, Console, Steering Column, Seats & Door Trims wiped clean
  • Rubber Mats Washed
  • Tire Shine
  • Door & Boot Jambs cleaned & dried
  • Air Freshener Spray
  • You save $12.50

Great deal for 2 seat sports cars!

Extra Cost Vehicles (add to any while-u-wait service)
  • Large cars, 4WDs, People movers & 7 seat vehicles add $4.00
  • Light commercial vehicles from $10 extra.
  • Extra Dirty from $5.00
  • Monster Cars add $8.00
  • Aircraft Carriers POA.


Small: $85 Medium: $88 Large: $95

Splash Mini Detail Plus:
  • Paint Protection Sealant [ C2 – 4 months paint protection ] or Hand Polish wax

Special Splash Packages!!! Mention this Web site to receive:

  • Express Splash Seal, includes a Splash Super Wash, Tyre Shine and a Gtechniq C2 sealant and hand buffing. $57.00
  • Express Detail, includes the Express Splash Wax plus an extended Gtechniq C2 dash and console dressing service. $65.00

Ready For Sale Detail MAJOR DETAIL

Want to beat the trade in blues or just give your ride the birthday you’ve been promising it? Let us pamper your car with the same treatment that we provide for the luxury car dealers new & 2nd hand vehicles prior to sale. This detail can also be used to recondition a car you love that you’d like to keep and the services may vary according to your unique requirements. Call us now to discuss your options. Prices start from just $280 for full interior & exterior treatments.

Additional Cleaning Services

If it can be done then chances are we do it!

  • Interior Vacuum from $30.00
  • Boot Vacuum from $4.00
  • Tyre Shine $4.00
  • Floor Mat(s) Shampoo & Steam Clean from $10.00 per mat
  • Seat Shampoo & Steam Clean from $50 per seat depending on seat condition
  • Dashboard & Console Detail & Dressing $12.00
  • Tar Removal from $20
  • Super Shine Hand Sealant with Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal $30
  • Hand Wax with AutoGlym Aqua Wax $35
  • Leather seat deep cleaning & rejuvenation with Gtechniq L1 Nanotech coating. $50 per seat.
  • Air Freshener Spray $2.00
  • Trim Rejuvenation from $40
  • Plastic/Rubber Floor Mats Wash $4.00
  • Sap Removal from $40
  • Acid Rain marks on glass corrected from $20 per panel
  • Decal Removal P.O.A.
  • Clay Bar paint cleansing from $40
  • Machine polishing from $250 (see Polishing page for more details)
  • Extra dirty cars will need to be seen first and may need to be booked in.